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Date: 25/08/2017


For more efficiency and better results

As part of its relentless efforts to catalyze the genuine result–oriented development of the continent, the African Union has organized a capacity building workshop focused on results based management in order to equip twenty-one key staff members with the necessary tools to foster real change. The said workshop, held from August 14th to 25th, 2017 in Johannesburg, addresses Aspiration 3 of Agenda 2063: “An African continent characterized by good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice, and rule of law”.

The African Union needs to take on the challenge of keeping pace with its context and being more effective in its actions, in an ever-changing environment and in the face of increasingly pressing needs. To address this apparent need for effectiveness and discipline, the Strategic Policy, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Resource Mobilization (SPPMERM) Directorate of the Union has invested in capacity building for improved results-based planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Implemented through the African Union Leadership Academy, the training workshop particularly contributes the critical success factors for the realization of Agenda 2063 which are: (i) transformative leadership; (ii) ) effective citizens’ participation, inclusion and empowerment in the formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of Agenda 2063 and exercise full ownership thereof; (iii) a capable development state and efficient public service; (iv) a results-based approach; and  (iv) revitalized strategic planning. As pointed out by Dr. Muna Abdalla, head of AULA, on this training: "We want to take a step further by moving from doing the right thing to delivering good results".

The training participants are staff of African Union Commission departments and Organs in charge of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting. By building momentum into the interventions of the African Union, their role will be instrumental to driving change on the continent.

By the end of the training, learners should be able to identify and apply the principles and tools needed to ensure the adequacy of the actions conducted with the needs of the continent and their impact. Among other things, participants will be capable of setting measurable objectives, identifying relevant performance indicators, organizing things in a logical way, etc.

This activity falls within the continuum of the efforts undertaken and achievements made by the organization in recent years, such as the increase of the budget execution rate by 149% from 2013 to 2016.

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