Preparing tomorrow’s leaders and drivers
of change for the Africa We Want

Transforming an organization and leading the transformation require innovative approaches and different set of Leadership capabilities. It is important to learn how to anticipate and define clearly our goals and the required resources to attain them. It is essential to have the capacity to engage our teams, as well as to lead and manage our resources efficiently. It is also important to know how to develop our networks and to constantly enhance and update our knowledge base. Setting aside old habits and adapting to be on top of the new trends and technological advancements occurring worldwide is imperative. Besides overcoming these various challenges, the Leadership Academy of the African Union (AULA) must prepare the next generations for a brighter, constructive and engaging future.  Our Academy will be one of the driver to build the Africa we want.

The Academy will train a thousand of civil servants in Leadership, Planning and Project Management, as well as in the legal instruments of our Union during the next twelve months. We will partner with the best Leadership Institutes in our countries, along with Leadership Centers of Excellence worldwide.

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