Project Management for Africa’s Transformation

This training program is designed in a unique way impart the type of skills that will enable the participants to carry out the implementation of activities that lead to achieving the desired outcomes.

Public Policy Analysis, Formulation & Implementation

Target audience: Selected public sector  employees

Timeline: 5th -7th April

Duration: 3 days

Combating Corruption In Public Financial Management

Target audience: AUC staff, Government and ministry officials; finance and trade officials, staff of financial regulatory and trade bodies; academics, legal professionals from the public sector civil society representatives

Timeline: 4th -8th December

Duration: 5 days

Innovation in Public Service Sector management

Target audience: Senior civil servants, Project Managers, officers and Operations Managers, academics and Policy Advisors,  National Program and Project staff

Timeline: 10th-12th October

Duration: 3 days

Leadership for Africa’s Transformation programs

African public service needs a force of professionals who, are endowed with the specific sets of skills and mind sets to lead and effect necessary changes.  This is particularly important given the new realities of the workplace, in light of local, continental and global changes.  The majority of public sector leaders are left to upgrade and refresh their leadership perspective and reevaluate how to deal with various challenges.

This program provide a customized up-to-date and hands-on methods for effectively managing and leading public sector transformation in times of changes.

Leadership for Africa public sector reform and transformation
Target audience: Selected public sector  employees from selected public sectors

Timeline: 25th -27th April

Duration: 3 days

Enhancing women’s leadership in Africa’s public sector transformation

Target audience: Women and men from AUC, Women leaders from Africa public sector, Women leaders from civil society organizations

Timeline: 6th -25th September

Duration: 20 days

Emerging Young African Leaders for Public Sector Transformation

Target audience: Young Africans from, public sector and who are at the beginning stages of their careers,

and young leaders from NGOs and private sector

Timeline: 22nd -24th May

Duration: 3 days

Policy Programme Dialogue PPDs

The PPDs are forums on various issues that brings together diverse stakeholders from senior levels of African governments, political parties, civil society organizations, academia, think tanks, the private sector, youth and the media from around the continent. These PPDs serve to expand the debate around selected topics, through strategizing and proposing new and innovative approaches, proposing policy alternatives, evaluation of the trade-offs, and risks related with the range of available options.

Transformation Of National Judiciary Systems Through Information Technology

Target audience: Selected group of Judges, Legal Practitioners, Social Innovators

Timeline: 11th -13th July

Duration: 4 days

Youth and entrepreneurship: what role for government policy

Target audience: Selected groups of youth from various network, and the private sector

Timeline: 26th -27th June

Duration: 5 days

The role of Public Private partnerships. Credibility and institutional mechanisms. (e.g The Maputo Development Corridor (MDC))

Target audience: AUC senior managers, public professional’s sector planners and public procurement specialists, private sector professionals and developers currently working or considering public private partnerships.

Timeline: 5 th -7 th May

Duration: 4 days

African Union Integration and Legal instruments

Inductions: AU leaderships

Target audience: AU leaderships

Timeline: April 12

Duration: 2 days

PRC: Continuous Sensitization seminars

Target audience: PRC

Timeline: 6th -8th November

Duration: 3 days

Domestication and implementation of AU Instruments

Target audience: Member states specialty teams

Timeline: 4th -6th June

Duration: 3 days

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