Project Indicators for December 2017

Project Indicators for January 2017


This issue pays tribute to all these actors; it does not attempt to list all the participants, but to gently remind that the contribution of these women and men behind the scenes is essential to the development of our continent.


This is a magazine of our current efforts to accelerate, reinforce and ensure service delivery to our stakeholders, which are ultimately the African citizenry, is an important step to the Africa We Want. The road remains long but I am confident that together we can succeed.

This publication has been edited to inform us, allow us to appreciate and encourage us in our efforts to build the Africa We Want. Our main message is to recognize that, yes, the African Union must improve to adapt its actions to the real need of the African citizen. And we have already initiated this transformation and felt its results.

This publication intends to offer a better insight into what the African Court has been doing over the last decade. It doesn’t claim to answer all the questions that may arise regarding this body, but serves as an essential source of information to understand how important the rights of Africa’s citizen is to the African Union.

This publication aims at fostering a better understanding of the PRC, its operation, actions, objectives, and modest achievements. It also enhances the PRC’s sheer determination and commitment to further participate in the African Union’s makeover to achieve the Africa We Want.

This publication  is to assess progress made towards the development of capacity and the further improvement, with focus on the Africa we yearn for tomorrow.

This publication informs the concerned audiences on the transformation journey aim at providing an overview of the achievements and progress made, the specific actions under implementation, the challenges encountered in the process as well as the projections for the years ahead within the First Ten Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063, in particular the progress made with regard to our flagship projects which would anchor the visibility of the Continent’s socio-economic transformation.

This brochure presents the Project's Development Objectives and Intermediate Level Results Indicators progress report

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Project Indicators for June 2017


Corruption activities account for 5% of the USD 50 billion that Africa wastes on illicit funds flow, according to the Mbeki’s report. Furthermore, 94% of the 34,000 African children interviewed in 2018 admitted that corruption has a negative impact on their lives, as reported by UNICEF. And regrettably, only 5 African countries scored above 50 out of 100 on good governance, according to Transparency International’s annual report.


Dream of the Africa we want. Ensure the Africa we dream of comes to life... The women and men of the African Union live our pan-African dream, and strive to make it a reality and visible every day. The African Union is made up of around 2,000 people from 55 countries... 55 countries, no less!


A growing young population promises opportunities. Regardless, it is increasingly becoming clear across Africa that unless political leadership offers young people something to live for, social stresses such as unemployment can make them easy prey to those who offer them something to die for.

The African Union has launched several initiatives to develop the continent's capacity. Aside from strengthening competencies, these initiatives are mainly designed to meet the needs in terms of resources in our endeavor to build the Africa We Want. Africa wants to develop its Capacity the African Way.


This publication provides an overview of these initiatives, highlights the encouraging results achieved so far, and presents the challenges to overcome in order to carry through our efforts in transforming the African Union to drive the Africa We Want.

This publication enables the readers to appreciate the importance and understand the scope of work of the OLC. It provides more clarifications on this topic considered by some to be quite complex but essential.

This publication primarily aims at providing an overview of the successes of prudent the use of ICT.  It also informs on the steps we should take to advance the use of technology to facilitate our ability to be innovative to make our vision a reality.

Regional Economic Communities, partly as the implementing arms of the African Union, are central to the various transformation and integration programmes of the continent. Therefore, through this exercise, we offer a new framework for collaboration with the purpose of strengthening the cooperation between different entities to achieve tangible results for our continent. This publication will help us better understand the new framework in which we will strive to achieve the Africa We Want.

This brochure is a brief presentation of the projects AUC launched in 2015 to accelerate the human resources, administration and financial management of the Union.

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